Our Vision

Our school is a caring organisation which manifests her dedication to Singapore through the provision of quality service to the people. A dynamic organisation which is responsive and strives for excellence through a spirit of enterprise and innovation. An international organisation which provides mainstream training solutions.



Our Mission

  • Provide the platform for Singapore’s workforce to continually develop their employability and competitiveness through enhanced workforce skills.

  • To achieve in-tandem growth of both the organisation and her people.

  • To augment the public education system.


  • 让来自各阶层的新加坡公民及永久居民都能不断地学习并把所学技能运用在他们的工作中。

  • 追求企业与员工共同成长。

  • 为公共教育体系提供必要的补充。

Our Strategy

  • Establish strongholds in densely populated communities and residential areas to deliver foundational English language courses, with the focus on enhancing the ability of Singaporeans and Singapore PRs to read, comprehend and converse in English.

  • Leveraging the supplementary workforce skills certification, connect with Singaporeans and Singapore PRs, especially the less-paid, elderly, unemployed and homemakers, encouraging them to enhance their employability through skills upgrading.

  • Through a democratic and dynamic management and the provision of high-quality curricula, afford all Singaporeans and Singapore PRs the opportunity for continual learning and application of workforce skills, helping them achieve “Lifelong Learning, Lifelong Employability”.


  • 以社区和居民区为基地,以英文基础课程为核心,着重于提升新加坡公民及永久居民在英文方面的阅读、听力以及说话的技能。

  • 以帮助提升新加坡公民及永久居民的工作技能课程为补充课程,面向低薪、年长、失业人士、家庭主妇…… 鼓励他们通过培训提升他们的技能,进而得到更好的工作。

  • 通过开设民主化管理模式和优质服务课程,让来自各阶层的新加坡公民及永久居民都能不断地学习并把所学技能运用在他们的工作中,以达到“终身学习,终身受雇”之目的。