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Q: Who can use Skillsfuture Credit?
谁可以使用未来技能培训补助(SkillsFuture Credit)?

A: All Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit. Singapore Citizens below the age of 25 will receive an account activation letter in January of the year they turn 25, after which they are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit.


Q: How can I use my Skillsfuture Credit?

A: You will first have to own a SingPass account and use your SingPass to login into Skillsfuture Credit website to make a claim on the course fee deduction. Please refer to http://www.skillsfuture.sg/credit

你得需要拥有自己的SingPass帐户,并利用SingPass登录未来技能培训补助网站,以申请使用补助金支付学费。请参看 http://www.skillsfuture.sg/credit 网址。

Q: Can I give the school my SingPass to make the course fee deduction?

A: No. Sharing of your SingPass password is strictly prohibited.


Q: What if my Skillsfuture Credit fund is not enough for the course fee deduction?

A: You will need to pay the remaining course fee with cash. CCLS does not offer payment by NETS or credit card at the moment.


Q: Can I pay by Skillsfuture Credit and refund back by cash?

A: No, all payments by SkillsFuture Credit can only be refunded by returning the credits back to your account.


Q: If I do not have Skillsfuture Credit, can I still sign up for a course?

A: Yes, you can pay the course fees with cash.


Q: Will I be able to claim back my course fee from Skillsfuture Credit if I pay in cash?

A: Yes, if you have sufficient credit remaining in your account and have not already submitted a claim for the course fee. Please log into the SkillsFuture Credit website and submit a claim for the course you are attending; select Pay to my Bank Account. You will have to submit your Bank Account details to the website if you have not done so.

可以,你的帐户必须拥有足够的补助金,而且你应该还没为此课程呈交补助请求。请登录未来技能培训补助网站,并为你正在修读的课程申请使用补助金,然后收款人选择为 Pay to My Bank Account(我的银行账户)。因此,你必须在网站上更新你的银行账户信息。

Q: When must I make the full payment of the course fee?

A: If you are paying by SkillsFuture Credit, you need to submit your claim latest by one day before the course starts.
If you are paying by cash, you will have to make your payment latest by the day when the course starts.


Q: Beside the course fee, do I still have to pay for any other fees such as material fee or refreshment fee?

A: You do not need to pay any other fees. No additional cost is needed.


Q: If I did not turn up for the course will I be able to get a refund?

A: You can cancel your SkillsFuture Credit claim via the website if you know that you cannot attend the course before it has started.
If the course has already started, please inform the staff at the respective CCLS branch so that they can help to facilitate the refund of your SkillsFuture Credit. If you did not attend the class, we will refund the claim within 14 days.


Q: Will I be able to get a partial refund if I did not complete my course?

A: No, CCLS does not offer partial refunds for participants who are unable to complete their courses. You are encouraged to attend make-up lessons to complete your course; please contact the staff at the respective CCLS branch to facilitate your make-up lessons.


Q: How can I sign up for a course?

A: Please approach the staff at the CCLS branch where you want to attend the course. Should you be using your Skillsfuture Credit, you will need your SingPass with 2FA activated in order to log into the SkillsFuture Credit website. Please bring your original NRIC card to facilitate your registration.


Q: What do I need to do if I’m absent for a lesson?

A: Please contact our staff at the respective CCLS branch, so that they can arrange make-up lessons for you to attend.


Q: What if I signed up and did not turn up for any class?

A: Please inform the staff at the respective CCLS branch so that they can help facilitate the refund of your SkillsFuture Credit. If you did not attend the class, we will refund the claim within 14 days.


Q: Can I still join in the class after the course start date?

A: Yes you may, but you are highly discouraged from doing so as you may have difficulty catching up with the class, and you would need to attend make-up lessons for the first lesson which you did not attend.
CCLS conducts our classes on a frequent basis so you are advised to wait for the next available class for the course you would like to attend. Please contact the staff at the respective CCLS branch to enquire about class availability.


Q: How do I know that I have successfully enrolled into the course I signed up?

A: You will receive a Placement Letter from our staff as proof of enrollment.


Q: Are your classes taught in English or Chinese?

A: Our classes are taught in both English and Chinese. Our course trainers are bilingual in English and Chinese, and our course materials are also available in both languages.


Q: How long do I have to wait after I signed up at the roadshow booth?

A: Our respective branch personnel will contact you within 2 days upon signing up at our roadshow booth and schedule you into a class as soon as possible.


Q: Can I buy a gift to thank my trainer?

A: No, our trainers do appreciate your thoughts. However, it is the school’s policy to prohibit trainers from receiving gifts. A simple thank you card would express your gratitude.


Q: Where can I set my SingPass?

A: You may apply or reset your SingPass at one of the SingPass Counters listed in this webpage:


If you need to register 2-Factor Authentication for your SingPass, you may do so via the SingPass website or by SMS. For more details refer to this webpage:

Alternatively, you may visit one of the following 2FA counters in person if you require assistance with setting up your 2FA. Please bring your NRIC card.



Q: What is 2FA and is it the same as my SingPass?

A: 2FA stands for 2-Factor Authentication and it adds an additional layer of security to your SingPass account. This means that in addition to your SingPass ID and password, you will need to enter a One-Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS, or generated through a OneKey token. You will have to receive and enter the OTP after you have logged in using your SingPass before you can access the selected government service.

SingPass 2FA is only required for selected government e-transactions that involve sensitive data (e.g. IRAS tax filing, accessing CPF statements).

2FA 代表双重认证 (2 Factor Authentication),它为你的SingPass帐户增添多一层保障。这表示,除了你的SingPass用户名和密码,你得从密码生成器或手机接收,再输入一次性密码。你必须在用SingPass登录后接收并输入一次性密码,才能继续使用相关的政府服务。